Gems from Heaven
Dear Patricia

I have intently watched your video production on the Gemstones in Coeur
d'Alene Idaho. In one of your video's you are clear on the necessity of due
diligence concerning the veracity of these events. I could not agree more

The most obvious due diligence act would be to identify these gemstones.

I have been trying to contract the Gateway Fellowship and have offered to pay
for a certified Gemologist to examine these stones. I have been told that
"experts" have looked at the stones and that they cannot identify. However the
only expert mentioned is a jeweler at Silver Lake Mall. They further indicate
that the only test left is a destructive "acid" test and they are not prepared
to that.

The Gemologist I have talked to on this issue indicate that this is simply not
true. A Gemologist with a proper lab can identify these stones and they have
never heard of a acid test.  For example, a graduate Gemologist with 25 years
of experience commented:

"What is an acid test? Gemological tests do not harm the gems. I've never
heard of an acid test"

I would appreciate if you would encourage the leadership at Gateway Fellowship
to get these Gemstones identified by people with the proper qualifications.

S Troxel