Gems from Heaven
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> Yes we have had the gems tested though not acid tested. We did not feel
> like we were supposed to destroy the gems. The result was that they are
> to dense for their size. They have no bubbles like cubic zirconium or
> unfinished aluminum. They also have no flaws that a normal diamond would
> have. They really don't know what they are.

Thanks for the reply.

If these stones consist of a material known to man they can be identified by
several physical properties that are not destructive, such as:

Specific Gravity (ie Density)
Refraction Index
Thermal Conductivity
Electrical Conductivity

I have a friend in Spokane that is a graduate Gemologist and a Christian.  I
would offer to pay for his services in coming over to help identify these
stones, if the party in possession would be willing to sumbit these stones for
professional analysis. A trained gemologists with appropriate equipment would
be able to distinguish natural and synthetic diamonds from all diamond
simulants quickly.

I agree, you do not want to destroy these stones, however due diligence would
be wise in such a situation, I believe.

> We have had the gold dust tested and yes it is really gold.
> If you have any more questions please call me at 208-667-8527, or write
> back.
> wrote:
>> Hello
>> I just viewed the video on and on your
>> website.
>> I was enquiring if these gemstones have been tested. In the video they
>> indicated that a 'acid test' would be required and possible destroy one of
>> these gems.
>> I believe there are many tests such as specific gravity and refraction that
>> will test these gemstones to demonstrate they are not cubic zirconia.  Has
>> that been done?
>> Also has the gold dust been tested. This is a very simple test.
>> Thanks for you time in reply.