Gems from Heaven
Sent Nov 4

Please Foward this message to Kari Brown and Rick Hurt. Thank you.

I was enquiring about the Gemologist report on the Gemstones you have
received.  On the videos the expert Rick Hurt of Gold & Mineralization
Research mentioned there was a Gemologist report. I would be interested in
seeing this report if possible. In the video Rick Hurt mentioned that all that
was left was a "acid test". The Gemologist I have talked to about this
indicated that they have never heard of a acid test.

I wrote to Patricia King concerning the need for due diligence on the events
described. I have exchanged emails with Ruth Ripley.  Ruth agreed that due
diligence is very important but that they completely trust Kari Brown.

I have written two emails to this address asking about Gemologist reports and
they have gone unanswered.

On your website I noticed Item 7 in your Values Statement:

7.  We want to be naturally supernatural.  We value simplicity and do not
want to operate in hype.  We value integrity and reality, especially in the
area of reporting on healings and manifestations in meetings.  We desire to
avoid using religious communication so that our message can be understood by

I have a very real concern that without a certified Gemologist report on these
gemstones due diligence has not been completed.

Thank you for your consideration.

Steve Troxel