5th Email Sent Nov 21


Thanks for the reply.

Are these Gem buyers and sellers, graduate Gemologist with access to a
Gemologist Lab?

My point is that one of these stones should be sent to a independent
Gemologists Lab and the various physical properties could be documented
by a graduate certified Gemologist. I think there are several Gemology
Laboratories in Spokane.

I believe it is important to have in hand a certified independent Gemologist report.

Also what about the other properties such as refraction index, thermal conductivity, etc.

If you go to Ebay and search on "Zircon Round" you will many beautiful Zircon gemstones
up to 225 Ct like this one


In the intervening weeks before receiving a reply from Gateway Fellowship I
ordered several of these stones, a 200+ ct and several 50 ct stones. These stones are clear
when viewing with a loupe and no inclusions are noticeable - however I am not trained to
make the determination.

These gemstone are typically less than $10 a piece -  in bulk probably cheaper. They are
Zircon and are a naturally occurring gemstone and will scratch glass. Also the
faceting is remarkable.

Here is a photo that I took
These stones are breathtakingly beautiful.  My photos do not do them justice and are a
bit grainy due to low light.

Do these look similar? I can drop one of these stones off at the church for your examination
and comparison if you would like.